What you pay

  Labor on-site $50
workshop $50
  Callout Maleny, Witta, Reesville
Cairncross, Balmoral
Conondale, Landsborough, Montville, Mapleton $30
  Training 1 or 2 people informal $50
3 or more people $80*

* plus preparation time if needed
minimum charge $50 plus callout fee
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Usually if a job is going to take more that 90 minutes we will take your computer back to our workshop. Often software problems require time consuming re-installs or upgrades. By doing these tasks in our workshop we are not obliged to charge for the duration of the job, merely the actual labour involved. At the workshop we have broadband internet and a range of diagnostic tools and spare parts that may make the task much faster to complete.  Also you save yourself the callout fee if you bring it us.