Upgrades hardware or software

Troubleshoot problems

Virus removal

Conversions - VCR - DVD - MP3 - Xvid

System & data backups

Six monthly service - $90

  • Virus & Trojan scan & removal
  • Spyware, Adware & Malware scan & removal
  • Clean case interior
  • Optimize system
  • Update windows and security software
  • Upgrade advice

  • Business or Personal website - design &/or hosting.

  • Custom graphics - logos, animations and web themes

  • Digital photography, scanning,  editing & printing

Sites built with Joomla and other major CMS systems  That you can edit and update your self.


  • New to computers? Learn how to use - Windows, email, the Internet & other programs that came with your computer

  • Learn how to best backup your system & data files.  Our Bullet Proofsystem backups can be restored in minutes rather than hours after get trashed by a virus or mishap.

  • Learn how to keep your system optimised for best possible performance.